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Once all designs are approved we need to make it a reality.

We create a programme of works showing all strategic dates which fit realistic timescales. Working with you we cost the scheme within the constraints of your budget.

Any construction carried out is correctly documented and managed through our quality assurance procedure. We control the project from start to finish and at the handover provide workplace support manuals with ‘as built’ drawings.

Architectural Interiors takes responsibility for any local authority applications and approvals ensuring that the design conforms to all relevant guidelines.

It is a statutory requirement, through CDM, that all work on site is performed safely and all hazards are minimised or eliminated.

We make sure that we are:

On time     Making sure that we follow the programme of works keeping to all our benchmark dates.

On budget     It is imperative we keep within your financial constraints. Design and build is known for being cheaper than a traditional build route.

True to the brief     We make sure that the build is in line with your original vision.

Finally, we will make sure that your office is snag free before we leave giving you peace of mind.

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